Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Writer’s Cave - Where Do You Write?

Where do you write? I need to avoid disruptions when I write. Even anticipated disruptions, like expecting the phone to ring, or knowing the dogs need to eat . . . any break in my writing routine changes my “mood” and alters my train of thought. More importantly, they piss me off. I don’t write well when angry . . . some character always seems to die . . . lol.

I envy writers who can write anywhere without being sidetracked by life’s interruptions. I know some people write in public places. How do they do that? I certainly could not. Other writers have the ability to write any time they can snatch a few free minutes. Fifteen minutes here, forty-two minutes there. It boggles my mind how they can stay on track with plot development and character growth in such short snatches of writing. But, it seems to work for them.

I’m curious. What’s YOUR favorite writing venue and why?

Here are a few pictures of my writing cave . . .

This is the writing corner next to my antique oak desk:


These are my writing buddies. They usually nap at my feet while I write. Notice the puppy toys under the table; they squeak when I step on them and Dink (little blonde Dachshund) goes nuts thinking I want to play fetch:

This wall is next to me with dad’s picture on it:

Opposite wall with my competing interest . . . blues:

When I close the door to my writing cave/music studio, I enter another world, one where fantasy comes to life and life becomes the surreal. I ask you again, how do you write? Any special rituals? Is your writing empowered, or adversely affected, by your environment?


  1. I usually write where my computer is, in the dining room. Disruptions don't bother me that much (ie I am right by the side door where the dogs go out). I usually need about 30 minutes to get anything accomplished and I can write anywhere, even in a spiral notebook while my wife drives.

    My main weakness is that I can really only work on/focus on one project at a time.

    Cool canines!

  2. Reality: I write on my laptop, mostly on a small old fashioned secretary (pull-down) desk, next to my bed.

    Fantasy: At my beach house! Warm beach, please.:)

  3. Terry - "one at a time" is just fine when they turn out as good as Flank Hawk did. As far as the dogs, Zack and Dink are the sweetest pets I've ever had. I didn't know Dachshunds are so affectionate.

    KT - you are one of the best marketing writers I have met. I have no doubt you will one day have that beach house...Corpus Christy okay? Or, are you holding out for Fiji Islands?


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