Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Role of Luck in Selling Books

I was walking my puppy, Miss Jessie, last week when a neighbor, one whom I had never met, asked to pet her. It was a fun. During the conversation, we talked about our work, and I mentioned writing. Less than a week later, I got a phone call from her (I had given her a business card), and she raved about my book, Maker of Angels. Turns out, she went to Amazon and bought both my western romance stories the day we met. She liked the first one so much, it is her selection for her readers club when it's her turn to host the meeting. Even her best friend in Florida got a call recommending the book.

This morning, during my daily Jessie walk, I stopped by her house with a couple autographed copies she requested. It's amazing how a simple walk with my puppy resulted in multiple books sales, even across the country. I'm trying to figure out how far I need to walk Jessie to sell 100,000 more books!

What is "luck?" It's defined as...“That which happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Let’s face it, I was lucky. Meeting this woman/avid reader was purely happenstance. Having author cards in my pocket was preparation. Was I brilliant or actively marketing? No on both counts. Actually, my close friend and fellow author, Sass Cadeaux, encouraged me to always carry cards and hand them out at every chance. I was more than a little reluctant. It seemed arrogant and pushy. Nevertheless, I took her advice and, since then, have made numerous sales simply from casual meetings.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sass. This new reader received one of my cards, and it looks like a dozen or more sales will ultimately result. Great advice! Now, I’m going to go buy some new tennis shoes, so I can walk longer distances. Let’s see…Sacramento to New York is about 2800 miles. Hey Jessie, get your puppy shoes ready! LOL


  1. Friendly dogs can be good ice-breakers at times.
    You're right, being prepared can make a difference, to take best advantage of opportunities.

  2. What a wonderful blog and story. Yes, we must always be ready and Dean you were born ready!


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