Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Greetings and Other Thoughts

Forgive me if this blog is not about writing. For the first time in many years, all my kids and grandchildren will be together this Christmas at my house. In addition, I am reviewing a great contract offer to publish my book, Maker of Angels. What a wonderful holiday for me and my family.

Despite my good fortune, I can't help but think of the pain suffered by some families this year. What must Christmas be like for those who lost a loved one in the Connecticut school shooting, or the family of my old friend, Alvin Pugh . . . he dropped dead of a massive coronary a few days ago. Two young boys in my town, brothers walking their bikes down the side of the road, were killed by a drunk driver a couple months ago. Even families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan this year, how do they find peace and happiness this Christmas?

I don't have answers. Wish I did. All I can do is to take a few minutes out of my own happiness, to think about those who are suffering and respect their loss by memorializing the lives of their loved ones. So while I am having the most wonderful holiday season ever, I am trying to think good thoughts for those who have been less fortunate in hope that Karma really exists.

Merry Christmas or Joyous Holidays to everyone.


  1. Good thoughts, and at our Candle Light Service tonight I said a prayer for all those who have suffered loss or isolation, and that the Lord may grant them comfort and strength.

    It is good to read that you're getting to spend Christmas with family! I hope this proves to be not only an enjoyable but memorable Christmas, Dean.

    1. Thank you, Terry. I wish the same for you and your family...Dean

  2. Away from my children during the holidays, I took the focus off of me, myself, and I by traveling to Seattle with an armload of Winter coats for the sex workers on 1st and 2nd street. One gal was so grateful she teared up. I think she may have been thinking about her own family during this time of the year?

    I've done this every year since an occasion many, many years ago when I was with a group of women, one of which called out to the sex workers, "Whores! Get a real job!" Incensed by her comment, I demanded the driver to immediately pull over to the curb. I got out, approached a gal with a short skirt, a tube top, and no jacket; not even a windbreaker in the 30 degree Winter night. I took off my down-filled coat and slipped it on her.

    When I returned to the car I told the gal who made such an inhumane comment, "Shame on you! Do you know who these girls are? They are the abused who fled from homes where they weren't wanted. They are the targeted by pimps because of their obvious vulnerability and naivete. They are the further abused by boyfriends, promising the love they've never felt. They are the hurt and betrayed when their so-called boyfriends turn them out on the streets. They are the substance abusers who self-medicate to dull their senses when they service despicable johns. They are the human debris society has thrown away.

    But they are our children for ALL children are OUR children, are they not? These "whores" hide the hurting child deep within their hearts, tamping down the emotions of the past and the hopelessness of the future. They are the truly forgotten.

    What is the true meaning of Christmas? Caring for those who no longer care about themselves. The passing out of coats isn't what is important, but giving the gift of love may bring these lost children a measure of hope, a bit of joy, and the love of a giver...not a taker, the rapists of their souls...

    I'm away from family this season, but now I've an extended family who gifted me by just meeting these beautiful souls...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

  3. Thank you, Anonomous, for both your post and your kind heart. It is people like you who sustain society and make it great, albeit, without fanfare or reward other than personal satisfaction. I applaud you. May you have a wondrous and fulfilling 2013...Dean


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